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songs about leaving the south, the girl i love, doing what i wanna do, food, nothing, etc.
apr 2016-apr 2017, recorded in the crypt in memphis, tn

art is an adaptation of a digital collage by HALEY MITCHELL

***send me a love letter if you want a physical copy on cd, 8-track, cassette, or reel-to-reel***


released April 25, 2017

me - everything except below
OLIVIA HERNANDEZ <3 - murkin drums on 1/2/4/6/8/10
HALEY MITCHELL <3<3<3 - The Crystal Ball Theremin on 1

thank you <3:
HM, OH, mum n steve-o, neighbors, sam n pepper, studie b, natra, tascam, whoever left a marshall amp on the curb for me on a random saturday, james still for the ENIGMACHINE and ADVICE (check out his work at )



all rights reserved


Party Gator Memphis, Tennessee

me doing things to keep me from getting bored

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Track Name: RÜCKWÄRTS/VORWÄRTS: i. A Scroll Unwinds/ii. Apothecary (a. Cyborg Periscope/b. Cathedral Quartz)/iii. Forest Critters' Acid Party/iv. Crashlanding (a. Chameleon Shimmers/b. The Crystal Ball vs. The Enigmachine/c. Tidal Destruction)/v. Motor Out
backwards forwards
does it matter
Track Name: Lantern
the guiding light
the beacon

reveal what is hidden
uncover the unseen
with a flash of your vision
guide me through this dream
to the endless waters
to the violet sea
where i lay down my body
forever i sleep

lantern guide me
through unseen
through the unknown
brightly gleam

the glimmering waters
shine silver in my sleep
inhaling winds of nowhere
swallowing them to the deep
through this dream i have traveled
with a lantern of golden haze
showing me through forsaken caverns
to a shore where i spend my days
Track Name: Wild Blueberry
a chilly saturday morning
fuzzy slippers
Track Name: Illuminate
they're pretty noisy but somehow
they make everything quieter

train cars pass me by
in a single file line
each taking their turn
above them looms a street light
blurry yellow in the dark of night
shining on them in turn

the days they come and go in time
like train cars that pass me by
when will the days settle down
illumination casts a golden crown

one by one they disappear
as if the light is what they fear
never slowing down
afraid to know what the light will show
along the tracks the street light glows
the trains at night avoid
Track Name: Wild Strawberry
never could get comfortable
still not a good player
Track Name: Comet Trail
for the comet i love the most

darting across the void
a sight to behold
she's there one moment
and in another gone

but if you close your eyes, you can still see
the faint glow of her lingering beauty
and if you open your heart, you will know
the distant cosmic grace that she sows
and i still wonder at night, will she ever return
maybe gone forever, her trail no longer burns

but then i saw her in the dark sky
she was so high, she was so bright
she'll live forever in the black sea
she'll leave me never, she's always with me
a comet in the sky, a burning white light
leaving trails of glowing dust up so high
so i can see her and always be there
when she needs me too cause she knows i really care
Track Name: Wild Blackberry
don't even sound anything like a real piano
bing bong
Track Name: Drown the Sun
the levees break
the river floods

time to leave this god forsaken town behind
did my time and barely made it out alive
moving on to greener pastures and different views
no more rich white appropriation of the blues

oh the waters rise, the end is near
can't stop the rising tide, the end is here
the levee once stood strong but it's end is near
cracks and breaks away, it's end is here

you think you own the place, you're gonna find out soon
your empire's due to fall at 3 this afternoon
maybe just part of the creator's master plan
still i'd rather see the sun set on a different land

oh the flood comes crashing down
the flood's gray waters will wash away
the delta swirling waters will clean this land of pain
the violent waters will bury all the hate
the raging waters will drown the sun and
there will be no tomorrow
the flood has come to stay
Track Name: Wild Raspberry
go to thrift stores
buy tapes
Track Name: Southern
more backwards than forwards
and i only have one life to live

i pledge no allegiance
i denounce the flag
of the old southern order
for which it stands

if this is what it means
to be a noble southern man
consider me a traitor
and i'll pack my things

i'll go where i can try to be
my own noble person
free from the constraints
of the south i once loved

the glow of the south fades
i leave this hopeless land
my lantern guides the way
i want to be free