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songs about rats, a girl, stolen stuff, being an idiot, nothing, etc.
apr 2015-aug 2015, recorded in my house and at the secret hideout

***send me a love letter if you want a physical copy on cd, 8-track, cassette, or reel-to-reel***


released July 2, 2015

me - everything except below
ANDY PATE <3 - murkin drums on 1/2/3/4/6/7/8

thank you <3:
mum/steve-o, DMI staff, HM, Marigny Recording, Stellatone boys, C Chambers, J Still, A Mansfield



all rights reserved


Party Gator Memphis, Tennessee

me doing things to keep me from getting bored

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Track Name: Heat Lightning
the first of too many songs about driving on this album

driving, staring
paying no attention
clouds glow
in the distance
is it you
out there
in the heat
could it be you
gazing, focusing
alone in the dark
clouds roll
lightning strikes
Track Name: Esqueleto
one time dad said i was gonna wake up to my rats gnawing on my face

bones crack
head splits
blood rush
bit through lip
wake up
fever sweat
head hot
sleep and forget
eyes red
teeth sharp
claws out
pulsing heart
you are their food
you are the soil
wake in a daze
wake to your death
skin ripped from bone
skeleton hands
Track Name: Spare Tire
dedicated to the fucker who stole hm's jeep spare/also mad max was great

down the beaten path
wind hits like thunder quakes
snakes in the grass
the seat beneath me shakes
if the car gets stuck
guess we’ll have to live out here
leave work and home
run away, disappear
they came
and took
your hope
they came
and took
your one spare tire
your one last hope
pitch a little tent
make a big warm fire
start a little family
burn your last four tires
running out of gas
road never ends
if we just had one spare tire
we could drive it again
burn your tires
burn your wheels
one spare tire
one spare wheel
Track Name: Snail
i tend to like animals more than people

lifting the stone
soft grass surrounds
green moss feeds
cool earth below
dew covers pebbles
worms make their exit
a spiral remains
afraid to run
just fine
go slow
dark gray
leaving a trail
of glitter and grime
inching slowly
toward safety
two stalks
feeling the way
proceed with caution
a spiral coffin
Track Name: Drive Back Home
4.48333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333∞ hours from memphis to hattiesburg (according to google maps)
Track Name: Bad Index Nail
90s cover night from hell

at the end of the show
i saw my finger was damaged
red underneath the nail
red around the edges
what once was bruised
is washed pure
and made anew
too drunk to notice
too drunk to care
twisted my foot before the show
now i can barely stand
woke up on a couch
barely able to move
all the pain from my heart
went down to my foot
Track Name: Acid Belly Girl

she always looks at me
the way she did the first time
eyes of lizard green
a dedicated partner in crime
i have to go now
but i’ll be back soon
maybe i’ll just stay another night
we can sleep til noon
hair like the darkest coffee
a tangled forest of black
when the autumn comes and the leaves fall
i don’t ever wanna go back
she’s the girl of my cosmic dreams
she’s strawberry kisses and moonbeams
she means everything in the world
she’s my acid belly girl
Track Name: Grotto

be there for me
and i’ll be here for you
in this cave of light
i’ll wait in the dark for you
Track Name: Glowstars
i could stare up that wall for hours and never get bored